Roamin' our own timezone!

Hey, I'm Nate — Photographer, dog dad, and creator behind the lifestyle account @roamwithauss! I'm so lucky to call the unique island of Newfoundland on east coast of Canada my home!

Our beautiful, yet rugged scenery is the main reason I started my photography journey as a landscape photographer, and in my first year of university in 2011 I quickly fell in love with creating. I'm a proud Newfoundlander and I spent most of my university career adventuring under the stars or along the coast, capturing the unique beauty of our province! Some of my biggest accomplishments have stemmed from my landscape work, and I am grateful to have sold many, many prints of my work, and even had multiple publications in magazines, on banners, online, and more!

I began shooting graduates and grad events at university, then eventually became the official photographer for our varsity sports teams. This really allowed me to get my name out there, and eventually after shooting many, many sessions, I started my full time freelance career after studying Business/Marketing in University!

Fast forward 12 years, and I have been shooting weddings + commercial work full time for over 9 years. Since bringing Arlo & Nori home I have been focused on creating content on Instagram, and found a whole new world to explore! I’m not one to put myself inside of a box which has really allowed me to continue expanding my career! I have found a new love for shooting pets and product photography, and I'm super excited for everything that's yet to come!

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Bringing Your Vision To Life...

Known for my attention to detail and ability to create visually stunning compositions, I have worked on a wide range of projects, including weddings, corporate events, branded media, and more. My versatile skill set allows me to adapt to various environments and effectively collaborate with clients to bring their visions to life.

I pride myself in working with brands that I truly love, and often have first hand experience with! Working with brands we love truly allows us to create fun and authentic content that really resonates with our audience! We have built a really wonderful following on our IG account, and we consider a lot of our followers, friends! They trust our opinions and know if we're backing a brand, it's for good reason!

We live in a super unique location, on top of the ocean, and our east coast vibes most definitely set us apart from other creators! Our epic landscapes and rugged coastlines are the perfect backdrops for creating content, shooting UGC content, product photos, and more!

My main priority is spending time with the pups and together we create fun and organic content while staying true to our adventurous and positive spirit! I have no doubt we could create some fun and engaging content throughout our adventures this summer, and I would love to work together on a long-term campaign to build trust and value with my followers and your brand!

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